Thursday, January 22, 2009


Today i watched a movie in german and one of the chracters was a heroin addict named Illse. Two other women characters walked past her room in the great big Berlin flat she shared with Rudolf and remarked on the unsavory nature of its state. Unsavory. It was an interesting word to describe distaste, something that im sure was lost in traslation, but nonetheless i remembered it four hours later.

anyway, thats how i always think formal introductions. they usually carry with them certain flavors of unsavory-ness. i dont know what to say on my first blog, probably because i can't imagine any audience who will read this. i cant figure which direction to whore my words out. Hi cyberspace! jesus christ i feel like my mother on a webcam. i think she already has a blog. i have german class in six hours. guten nacht, new blog, ich will am morgen mehr schreiben.