Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Defense of the Genre

Oh my, how i have neglected you, blog. You and my eights of hundreds of followers. How many readership jokes can a blogger make? (5 so far) If a blogger posts but nobody reads it did he really post at all? Im just 'tadicting all over the place today.

I am a little miffed, because my cell phone is betweened my high-back couch and the wall. I had it open, and was using it to fling a bug (who probably dragged itself into my mother's house on account of the stifling temperatures) off the arm of said couch, and lost control of the fling. Not only did i miss the bug, but my phone flew up in the air and into the smallest place possible. GRR, like G.R.R.

Here's my thought process: I just instated a ring which says the name of who is calling. riiing (standard) then it says in a secretorial female voice Call from: mom. It repeats this twice. I figure if it is someone important I will hear it, and the necessity of answering the call of someone important will propel me to move the couch, or at least thrust my arm. On a side note I made my editors' numbers holy shit fuck fuck and shit holy fuck fuck (creative, i know) which has been completely anti-climatic because they never call me.

I'm a little nervous because i DON'T know where the bug went.

Covered the SacAnime convention today with my friend and fellow intern Anthony Bento, who is a bad ass photog.

We both were a little taken aback at how voyeuristic we felt. Outsiders, non fans, there to discern and report about this gathering of people devoted to a subject we knew nothing about. I felt bad. I truly wished i were better versed in manga or...shit I don't even know what I should be better versed in.

I think Anthony said how the entire expirience felt intimate, and those participating vulnerable.
to us. I did, I felt hawkish. i tried to slyly write things down instead of the self important note taking I usually do.

I sat in on a disscussion panel where voice actors fielded questions from a 200 plus audience. I watched a 13 year old kid with purple felt cat ears ductaped to his head writhe excitedly in his seat and scream "RUKIA" (along withthe rest of the audience) when a voice actor coulnd't recall the name of the a female anime character he had a crush on.
I wouldn't say I enjoyed the anime convention, but I will say I have a strange affection for it. It is definetly another world, but also one that should be given just as much respect as fashion, art, foodie culture, surfing, sports, hell anything inspires subculture. I always have to slap myself on the ass whenever I am initially weirded out or snarly and skeptical about something. Just because it doesn't fit into an initial understanding of hobbies (let me take a brief paratheses to denote how ridiculous it is to have a self constructed notion of how people should be PASSIONATE, as in if they are not PASSIONATE in a way i understand, i will be uncomfortable in the way they are PASSIONATE. w.t.f.) does not mean that their pursuit if thing they love is any less relevent to their happiness than me being happily satistfied drooling after a christian louboutin pump. Or reading a bitch's fashion blog about her drooling over a cl pump, or chatting excitedly on a forum about me and fashion bitch drooling over a shoe.
And who's to say when the time came, and Andre Leon Talley was stumbling over the designer's name at a press conference, I (if for some reason i was there) wouldn't stand up and shriek "LOUBOUTIN."