Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amuse your Bush

It's sort of late and I should be getting to bed. Instead I want to talk on my Internet soapbox about a problem that has been plaguing me recently: The 4 p.m. STARVATION MODE.

I am less than awesome at following the meal time regimen of thin girls. It will be three thirty p.m. and I'm like Whut up dinner?! When I am trying to eat like a normal American I will tell myself, just hold on. You can make it to 5:30. Then you can start making dinner. (When I have made dinner in those situations its like Gollum with the Precious. I'm trying to open a can of dinner but the urge to rip open the thin metal with my teeth and paint my body with stripes of jalapeno refried beans overwhelms my hand-eye coordination). Today was one of those days. After coming home from class at 5:25 and not having dinner till 7 (my sister and I made plans) I was Golluming the eff out. I then ate ice cream out of the carton like a heathen, watching the Bachelor, hiding. HELLO SAD LIFE.

Therefore, I think I need to start implementing a 4 p.m "snack." And by snack I mean SMALL portion of something HEALTHY not like what I would normally gravitate toward aka in-an-out burger/spicy yellowtail roll/fish taco/and entire bag of Sunchips. That is not a snack, that is dinner.

So today in my Southern Literature class whilst my teacher passionately explained Richard Wright's childhood, I sat doodling a list of delicious and light 4 p.m. mini meals. I like the idea of the term amuse-bouche but I always, always want to make the amuse your bush joke, which is just gross. So IMA (in homage to the way my roommate texts) make my own term. Since its sort of a single person appetizer my 4 p.m. food shall be christened: PETIBOUCHE

Here are some Petis I wrote down:

-Heirloom tomato slices spread with spicy hummus with fresh cracked pepper

-mini smoothie (I like banana, greek yogurt, honey, and ice. my awesome friend alex b's concoction)

-1/2 avocado with feta chunks good olive oil and balsamic

-Tea Sandwich! 1 slice toasted bread, cream cheese, cucumbers, salt

Okay so they are sort of healthy. But I like the idea of not having to heat anything up/it being one thing to consume, not like a bag of pita chips that "oh I'm just going to have a couple." PSH. Show me a person who eats 2 Parmesan Garlic Pita Chips and I will show you a MARTYR. Anybody have any other ideas for a petibouche (the term is growing on me)?

Goodnight. I feel like tonight I will dream in avocados.

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