Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stand By Me

My friend and I set goals for ourselves this summer: to go on a date.

Finals week starts tomorrow. No dice.

I came close a couple of times. I've had offers for chicken and waffles, been licked on the neck by an elderly, hammered gentleman, asked to watch a magic show. Got a gay man's number, gave mine to an ancient queen who danced like Richard Simmons with less flexibility, avoided subsequent phone calls.

The other day I heard "Stand by Me" on the oldies radio station and lost my shit. The song is literally the words stand by me repeated with different emphasises. But it is such a strong sentiment, more resounding than the other big three, I love you. Stand by me doesn't ask for a lifelong commitment, it doesn't clasp the chain around your ankle or slap a label onto your trembling back.

It just says, hey, just be here.

It seems pretty selfless to me, despite the fact that its technically command. I imagine that by him asking her, he is explaining the fullness of his devotion. That when the time came, he would be right there, standing.

Sometimes asking for help overpowers hot blooded declarations for love.

My date goal was stupid. It wasn't what I wanted.

I want somebody to hear that song and think of me. I want to Stand by Them.

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