Monday, April 13, 2009

Kill me, Say Anything

I can't help it, i love listening to Say Anything. It feels like a guilty pleasure, something i should not enjoy. I wouldnt say i actually love the band himself, i dont really know much about them, their music isnt something i "identify" with, you cant really move to it, unless its the spastic dying remnants of hair metal head banging. oh shiver, the motion that comes coupled with a follow up bodily twist, jerking over from the waste up. woof.

i dont know what it is. their lyrics maybe. the snarky, lippy, grandly dramatic proclamations of self efficiency, sexual sarcasm, hyperbole? in my various litertaure classes i usually try to classify what gender i think will suceed in the class the most. last quarter it was british lit 1900-present,, and we read conrad, t.s. eliot, beckett, coetzee, forester, fucking james joyce. mostly small paperbacks with their various huge self aggradizing themes. Big old declarations of life, death, time, torture, and fate. The paralysis of spirtuality. The meaningless of life in a living death. Boys love that shit. i think, i mean i think they can get off specifically on the lack of neccessary specifical-ity that is required to pontificate on these various themes. its all gore and no restrictions. Mostly what you say sounds sound, and you can go bigger and better and newer, you are relatively limitless in your jecturing.

i, as identifying with the portion of population that has a vagina, dont love that shit. of course i appreciate, admire, and enjoy it, but it doesnt get me half as excited. what gets me all excited is something im too tired and preoccupied to discuss: but briefly,,, something about why there's always a window over the kitchen sink.

so anyway, say anything. i dont think i will ever stop listening. i love it. i dont think i fully understand, but it makes me laugh and feel cool. and i get it sometimes.

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