Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hey Sister, Soul Fister.

Last quarter at my seaside school I took a Pacific Literature course. We read a book about Samoan girlhood, Where We Once Belonged. The authoress, Sia Figel, douses poor Western readers with lots of Samoan words. It was frustrating for many of my classmates; they said things like She is doing it on purpose, It makes me not want to read it, and I'm a bitch. There was a dictionary in the back, and sometimes to understand what the funk was going on, you'd have to leaf through it, return to your spot, and fit the newly defined phrase into your understanding.

Tiring? Yes.
The same shit that any culture had to do once the big bad Western man stepped in to civilize their brown heathen asses? JAVOLL!

Anyway from such a book, I learned that agaga was/is the Samoan word for soul.

And I couldn't help but wonder (holla miss bradshaw) if Lady Gaga is privy to this fact.

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  1. Love you love you.

    You slay me like a dragon.