Friday, July 24, 2009

Launching Sally

Hi kittens!

So a little less philosophizing and a little more event updation. Not that, like, I am on the Sacto map, But i figure its good practice for when my how-to bj tape releases. la la la.

So Saturday! is tommorrow. And if you are in the 916 arena and care to partake in some certain high waisted, pouty bored, fist pumping hipster harkening 'tivities of festival like proportion, you should swing by the Greens Hotel for Vhcle (only one vowel) Magazine's Launch.

Tickets are an unglorious $20 or for VIP $25 (woof) but there is a shitteload of stuff going on. Fashions from the lovely minds of Van Der Neer, Velvet Leaf, Bows and Arrows, and Cuffs will be vending and showing off while sound makers such as LA Riots, The Robot and jj, Dances With White Girls, Love Like Fire (im already getting sweaty and excited) get groovy and stone-faced, producing madly fun noises. 

Das event spans form 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. (phunk the sacto curfew!) and then there is a wide eyed after party for another two hours. i love the euro rave time tables. Makes you believe we really can all come together. as one. 

On top of it all, the scenery (ahem architecture whatever) is supposed to be spectacular. At the very least, interesting. 

So OMRS (oh my richard simmons) you should get down to the greens and watch me walk around, looking lost, "reporting." Nah, I will do an excellent job. Mostly because I have newly created an alter ego, specifically for interviews or event coverage. I had to mold her up after a few saggy performances in interrogations and "discerning the vibe." Sally Fearless (uch uncreative, i know) is a bad ass. One listen to Earth Wind & Fire's Serpentine Fire, then a flash quick dose of some silly remix then some affirmations in my rearview mirror (You are a good reporter, you are a good reporter) and I'm (halfway) transformed. Ready to ask the questions. Take the notes. Ride my guerilla journalism education all the way to a error free story. gulp.

Aesthetically,  I see her a cross between Wonder Woman, Anna Karina, and Beyonce. Di-VA.

So lots of people should show to Launch, watch the fancy trussed up 20 yr olds prance around and myself as Sally Fearless stalk them. 

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