Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh Coco, you Crazy!

CHANELLO! I knew Chanel put their illustrious Double C's on everything from surfboards to motorscooters (?) but I think this is rather dope, a line of FAUX TATTS. Perhaps I am only so excited because I really love FAUX TATTS. In fact last weekend my mother came to visit me and we went on an ill-fated for her shopping spree in Albertson's and I found these awful awful "Bling" tattoo sheets and would not let up until she relented to purchase them. Then us girls spent the next morning adorning our wrists and backs with tennis bracelets, money signs, diamonds, and sapphires (there was a RIM tattoo, erm we left that one.) So if I am willing to plaster myself with Albertson's brand flashies, Chanel's swallow-dragging-a-rosary lovely neck thing makes me want to do laundry I'm so happy. However these haute body markings don't come cheap (does anything, ever?) it's $75 for 55 different designs. LE SIGH. Life is hard. To chanel tatt or not to chanel tatt?

But oh! Wouldn't they be fun to wear for Spring?? Buy them here

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