Friday, February 26, 2010

Yeah! Yeah!

Ach tu Liebe France Gall! She was/is forever a French yé-yé girl who was arguably the most successful of the bunch. Yé-yé girls were a Euro phenonmenon in the 60's, specifically in France, Spain, and Quebec. They were young (France was 16 when she had her first hit) women who sang about first love, boys, and things of a coequettish nature like licking lollipops. Tre Lolita! They represented something about generation 60's with their perhaps white lipstick, babydoll dresses, and and soft sing-speak. Anyway France Gall is adorable to have on a playlist. Good dinner party music. Not that I throw many a dinner party but when I do, France Gall will be speak-singing in the background and all my friends who haven't heard me put her on will say Who is this?. Sacré Charlemagne!

Photo Cred: withmymonosynth

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