Thursday, August 12, 2010

I still Like you

You know how people say "It was the booze talking" ?

Booze is not a very nice person. Instead of "I love you," booze will say "I hate you." Instead of "You're the greatest," booze will say "You're the worst." Instead of a sweet nothing, booze will say everything.

I know it's my unofficial job as an early twenty something to indulge in bars, clubs, and sporadic binge drinking so that my children will have something to pry at when I refuse to let them go to parties in middle school. But I really hate booze sometimes. She is such a bitch.

When you first get introduced to booze, she is exciting. She introduces you to boys and cigarettes. You play fun games with her and feel more social and cool than you thought you could be. Then maybe she overwhelms you one night, but you forgive her. You always come back.

She is a one on one kind of friend. She wants to be a certain way, to act on her terms. It's hard to have a good conversation with someone else when you're with her. She wants you to herself. Try as you may to make a connection with another soul, it is hard to escape her pull. It comes out all wrong. You will try to say to them "I like you" and she will whisper in their ear "She's just drunk."

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