Sunday, December 19, 2010

Daily Happy

Recently, I had, I guess you could call it a reader, mention my lack of reporting on my day-today experiences or reflections that make me happy. Instead, I let loose a slightly more composed collage of an angsty stream of consciousness narrative to be the stormy little raincloud blocking an onslaught of UV Rays.

Um, I'm protecting you. From ignorance and skin cancer.

But in all seriousness, there are many day to day moments that make me happy. Little scenes of minute satisfaction that I sometimes skip over in light of a good, cathartic bitch.

Buying thai tea boba in downtown Oceanside and the bespeckled lady already knowing who I am. Then subsequently spilling the neon orange liquid on the corner of my white blouse.

"What happened, ma'am?"
"It's tye dye."
"Just in the corner?"
"I spilled"

The owner at Ocean Breeze Flowers giving me a hug because I started tearing when I read a letter that was written to him by an elderly woman who had her spirits lifted by an arrangement he created.

Getting a call back from a boutique owner I had been hounding for a week.

Being enthusiastic and sweetly silly at a Piano Bar.

Driving to downtown San Diego and seeing the way the buildings look at night, and for the first time being conscious that I can be a part of it all.

Walking in downtown Oceanside, crying because I'm tried and people think I'm trying to sell them things instead of learning their stories, and see a 5 oclock orangey-red setting sun juxtaposed with the gray blue of the water and sand.

Getting an "I love you" text before I even wake up in the morning.

So yes, even though I spill shit on myself daily, sometimes get job-ly frustrated, and every once in a while go all CWFM (Crazy White Female), I would say life is good. It's so good that I haven't even needed to purchase a pair of unreasonable shoes to fill voids. In fact, I have been stomping (literally, I stomp) around my new little coastal town in a pair of tough, flat Cowboy boots and couldn't feel more powerful.

And that my friends,for this height obsessed young woman, is true happiness.

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