Monday, December 6, 2010

I Never Do This

I'm not a huge picture poster, but I ADORE Grace Potter, and always search for pics of her. Then I was browsing all my inspiration folders and realized its nothing but a montage of all my women crushes. I love women! So much! So instead of me blabbering about feelings and happy hour, and sad moments, I just wanted to remind myself why the world is good, and beautiful, and wonderful.

1. Laura Stone. Size 4 Successful Model! Vogue did a profile on her hip hardships in the size -3 industry. Whatever. REBELLION!
2. Katherine Hepburn. An original diva. Unknown, she demanded a higher salary than they were offering her on her first big film. That's how you end up with 1200 a day!
3. Nicki Minaj. I watched her documentary on MTV. She is weird, bossy, and strong. She is tough. Her album is doing really well, she's had Lauryn hill comparisons in terms of her lyrical ability, and many of the online responses have been PAH! I've read some of her lyrics, particularly Roman's Revenge. Eminem raps of the track, and his words seem to have a better narrative, but her rhyme schemes are impressive (hailing back to freshman year poetry ha) She reminds me of Emily doesn't really seem to make sense, it sounds weird and makes you uncomfortable, but that's its purpose. I'm pulling for her. I see brilliant.
4.Sophia Loren. Done.
5.Anna Karina. Jean Luc-Godard's muse, French new wave siren, tiny fleeting bit of a human being. I like looking at photo's of her, she seems rather incapturable by still film. She is wide-eyed on subtle on screen. I like her mystery.
6. GRACE POTTER. I have only seen her perform on TV or youtube, but I feel the vibrations! She is fearless, sensual, powerful. I like her voice and how she extends herself through her sequins. Role Model.

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